Are You Ready to Come Clean - (Tipton)

Posted on: 11/22/17


Dear Friend, We would like your help in answering these 10 questions. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 1. Do you like a clean environment? 2. Do you feel most people do? 3. Do you notice the cleanliness of the establishments you visit regularly? 4. Do you feel comfortable using public restrooms or those located in businesses? 5. Do you notice the condition of the floors and carpeted areas when you visit a business establishment? 6. Have you ever noticed trash overflowing onto the floor? 7. Do you believe the visual condition of your establishment makes a first impression? 8. Do you get complaints regarding the cleanliness of your business? 9. Now look at you trash container. If you toss this letter, would it cause the trash to overflow? 10. Now ask yourself, why are you paying for less than quality service? We at Joneco Systems guarantee results. No longer settle for less than a job well done. To receive a free quote, call us at 317-876-1440 317-876-1440 317-702-1440 Best Prices Around Don’t Delay, Call Today

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