$40 Chebe Powder - From Chad 100 grams - $40 (Indianapolis)

Posted on: 12/27/17



Chebe, Shebe Powder, Chebe Powder From Chad - Strengthens Natural Hair Reducing Breakage African Long Hair Secret - 100 grams (can provide more if requested) Payment - will ship within US if paid with Paypal Will not ship out of US Local - can meet for cash payment. TRADITIONAL CHADIAN CHEBE POWDER - The new African Hair Secret Chebe Powder is used by women of a Chadian ethnic group always giving them exceptional quality and length of hair. Directions: There are two ways to use Chebe Powder Option 1: Chebe Powder can used as a treatment once or twice a week by mixing it with a preferable oil to make a paste. This can then be applied to the hiar for a minimum of four hours. Afterwards, rinse it water to remove the powder. Use on dry hair. Option 2: Infuse the Chebe powder with oil and use as needed. Use a carrier oil such as Olive, Almond, or Avocado Oil. Ingredients : Shebe seeds (Croton zambesicus/Croton du Zambeze) - "Mahllaba soubiane" seeds - "Missic" stone to scent - Cloves - "Samour" resin Precaution for use : Avoid contact with eyes - do not swallow - Do not use on children In order to avoid allergy, it is advisable to do a test of 2 days maximum on a small part of your hair. If you experience negative skin reaction, seek advice from your doctor. Basic instructions are listed on the package Do not use directly on Scalp - can cause irritation and sensitize skin

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